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Business Ideas To Make A Million Dollars

RRP $86.95

If you're a business-oriented person interested in innovating the market and if you want to make money, this book is for you.

Ideas Are A Dime A Dozen

RRP $12.99

A collection of notes from the inspirational lecture series "Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders." Read advice from 23 different lectures including leaders such as Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), and Steve Blank (serial entrepreneur). * Steve Blank (Serial Entrepreneur) * Erik Straser (MDV) * William McDonough (Architect and Author) * Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures) * Judy Estrin (JLabs) * Anna Patterson (Cuil) * Tom Kelley (IDEO) * Hugh Martin (Pacific Biosciences) * Soujanya Bhumkar, Josh Schwarzapel, Austin Shoemaker (Cooliris) * Teresa Briggs (Deloitte) * Spencer E. Ante (BusinessWeek) * Tom Siebel (First Virtual Group) * John Hennessy (Stanford) * Tony Perkins, Tim Draper, Michael Moe (AlwaysOn) * Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) * Jensen Huang (NVidia) * Mari Baker (PlayFirst) * Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) * Jennifer Scott Fonstad, Steve Perricone (BioFuelBox) * Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) * Jeff Hawkins (Numenta) * Steve Westly (The Westly Group) * Tina Seelig (STVP)

13 Business Ideas Generating Machines

RRP $15.99

Have you ever thought that you can just pay a visit to Universities and colleges and ask for reports of resent business opportunities in your country or region and get them within an hour?

Have you ever thought that you can visit your bank and tell loan officer that you want to take a loan and start a business but you do not have any plan and then ask them to help you with some plans and get them within an hour?

May be not. Now you know two places where you can get full plan and some has been researched by university professors. You know that you can get many products and services from one machine (university report). Also you can get many plans from your bank. Do not west your time, get inside the book and find out both 13 ways with one bonus way to get a log of business ideas.

This book is one of the shortest book at Amazon in term of pages. It is only 24 pages long. Surprised? Don't be. This is because the book has goon straight direct to the points and tell you where and how you can get the business ideas ready for you.

The book has two main parts which are;

New or relative new business ideas

This part has four (4) ways/means/places from where you can get new business ideas. These ways/means/places are what we refer here as machines.

Existing business ideas

This part has nine (9) ways/means/places where you can get already existing business ideas.

In all ways you can mostly get both new and existing ideas.

Doing Business In India

RRP $29.95

A comprehensive look at understanding India with a strategic framework that can be readily used for doing business in this market is needed.Doing Business in India discusses the cultural and consumer profile of the people of India and how these fit into the macroeconomic context. The analytical framework provided and illustrated with real case examples spans domains such as the institutional context of the country (full of voids and amazing peculiarities) and the interesting federalist political framework in a country with many states. Based on this foundation, the book introduces the business strategies appropriate for both rural and urban markets in India. The following chapters cover the successful implementation of these strategies in India. The remaining chapters focus on successful cross-cultural management of Indian managers and employees, the appropriate types of leadership required for managing the Indian workforce, the types of managerial control systems likely to be successful in this country, and the HRM practices that can help companies to win in this market.

  • Offers a unique and exclusive focus on India
  • Focus on political particularities in India crucial for understanding success models
  • Explores the overall strategic framework for better strategy formulation in context
  • Focus on strategy implementation issues (leadership, HRM, organizational systems)
  • Includes cases not found in other sources

Environmental Law And Contrasting Ideas Of Nature

RRP $110.00

Law's ideas of nature appear in different doctrinal and institutional settings, historical periods, and political dialogues. Nature underlies every behavior, contract, or form of wealth, and in this broad sense influences every instance of market transaction or governmental intervention. Recognizing that law has embedded discrete constructions of nature helps in understanding how humans value their relationship with nature. This book offers a scholarly examination of the manner in which nature is constructed through law, both in the 'hard' sense of directly regulating human activities that impact nature, and in the 'soft' manner in which law's ideas of nature influence and are influenced by behaviors, values, and priorities. Traditional accounts of the intersection between law and nature generally focus on environmental laws that protect wilderness. This book will build on the constructivist observation that when considered as a culturally contingent concept, 'nature' is a self-perpetuating and self-reinforcing social creation.


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