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130 Work From Home Ideas

RRP $12.98

130 Work From Home Ideas If you have decided to "take the plunge," and have made the decision to become self employed, then this 270+ page compendium of work at home ideas is for you. This guide is especially made for those who may still be in the idea phase of starting their own work from home business. There are so many home business ideas in this work at home book, there is choice for practically anyone, of any background and skill set. We try to keep in mind all different types of work at home jobs for all different types of individuals searching for working from home opportunities. Perhaps you are still thinking about taking the leap into creating your own home based business, but you're not sure that your going in the right direction? Well, the collection of ideas contained within the Home Career Academy work at home books are definitely food for thought.

13 Business Ideas Generating Machines

RRP $15.99

Have you ever thought that you can just pay a visit to Universities and colleges and ask for reports of resent business opportunities in your country or region and get them within an hour?

Have you ever thought that you can visit your bank and tell loan officer that you want to take a loan and start a business but you do not have any plan and then ask them to help you with some plans and get them within an hour?

May be not. Now you know two places where you can get full plan and some has been researched by university professors. You know that you can get many products and services from one machine (university report). Also you can get many plans from your bank. Do not west your time, get inside the book and find out both 13 ways with one bonus way to get a log of business ideas.

This book is one of the shortest book at Amazon in term of pages. It is only 24 pages long. Surprised? Don't be. This is because the book has goon straight direct to the points and tell you where and how you can get the business ideas ready for you.

The book has two main parts which are;

New or relative new business ideas

This part has four (4) ways/means/places from where you can get new business ideas. These ways/means/places are what we refer here as machines.

Existing business ideas

This part has nine (9) ways/means/places where you can get already existing business ideas.

In all ways you can mostly get both new and existing ideas.

Business Ideas To Make A Million Dollars

RRP $86.95

If you're a business-oriented person interested in innovating the market and if you want to make money, this book is for you.

Amazon Business

RRP $18.99

Start Making $5,000+ a Month From Your Amazon Business Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $9.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to strategically start and build a well - oiled running Amazon Business that can yield you $5,000 per month on a consistent continual basis. Many people underestimate the power of Amazon and in this book I hope to share with you the secrets which have helped me to make boatloads of money from this business. Do you want to start earning $5,000 a month or more from your Amazon Business? In this book you are going to learn: Chapter 1: Why You Should Sell on Amazon Chapter 2: Getting Up and Running Chapter 3: Steps to Becoming a True Success Chapter 4: Ways to Boost Your Success Chapter 5: The Finishing Touches Let me take your hand and take you step - by - step through the process of making money on amazon! Today is the day to take action and make a difference in your Amazon Business! Download your copy today! Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Tags: amazon fba, selling on amazon, amazon fba business, amazon business, amazon selling, amazon selling secrets, how to sell on amazon

Key Ideas For A Contemporary Psychoanalysis

RRP $302.99

Andre Green attempts the complex task of identifying and examining the key ideas for a contemporary psychoanalytic practice.

This undertaking is motivated both by the need for an outline of the evolution of psychoanalysis since Freud's death, and by the hope of tackling the fragmentation which has led to the current 'crisis of psychoanalysis'.

In three sections covering the theoretical and practical aspects of psychoanalysis, and analysing the current state of the field, Andre Green provides a stimulating overview of the principal concepts that have guided his work. Subjects covered include:

  • Transference and countertransference
  • Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: modalities and results
  • Language-speech-discourse in psychoanalysis
  • Recognition of the unconscious

This unique contemporary perspective on the psychoanalytic enterprise will fascinate all those with an interest in the problems that face the field and the opportunities for its future development.


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